Geographically located in the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate is rich in heritage and traditions with a blend of modern lifestyle. Oman is a land
of stunning landscapes, from plains to mountains and deserts to unspoiled beaches which stretch to 1700kms of pristine coastline. The country
provides a fascinating getaway, with a range of outdoor activities to choose from – including diving and rock climbing, photography to ice skating.
 The breathtaking and splendid tourist attractions in Oman include various castles and forts, natural wonders, deserts, wadis, mountains, caves
and a lot more. The climate is predominantly  arid in summer and is pleasant from October to March. The Omani people are known for their
extreme hospitality and  generosity in both social and professional contexts.
Today, Oman is making its presence felt around the world, transforming itself into a modern and vibrant nation with international milestones that
include the following:
bullet Ranked 4th in the Arab world and 40th internationally in the ‘Economic Freedom of the World’ 2008, annual report published by
the Fraser Institute of Canada.
bullet Topped the Arab countries in peace and security according to an ‘international peace index’ prepared by the Studies and Info Unit
at the UK – based Economist Intelligence Unit; and ranked 22nd among 121 countries; received the ‘most peaceful’ in a number
of indicators
bullet Tourism destination for the year 2008 by Vogue Magazine

Driven by its Vision 2020, Oman is all set to develop infrastructure projects, with an annual budget of RO 6.4 billion for the year 2009.
With diversification strategies and sound policies, the Sultanate is on its way to increase its international profile and create a niche in the
global market.


The Sultanate has been witnessing a stable political climate, manifested through its:

bullet Strong economic growth
bullet Improved transport infrastructure
bullet Military upgrades
bullet Omanisation strategy which has strengthened the Omani workforce across various sectors
bullet Being the leader in the Arab world in terms of environmental concerns and women’s right


The country’s tourism sector is one of the most buoyant non-oil sectors, soaring to new heights. The Sultanate is currently making greater
impact on the local economy and engaging in a number tourist projects including the construction of more than 10 five-star hotels over the
next four years. With its unprecedented growth, the sector has been providing better employment opportunities to a large number of Omanis.

According to the World Travel Council and Tourism Council, Oman’s tourism sector is one of the fastest growing in the world expected to
expand from RO 2.496 billion in 2008 to RO3.36 billion by 2018. The growth rate is attributed to an increase in lodging capacity and efforts
made to market the Sultanate as a tourist destination.