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OMAN TELECOM (OTEL ) 0.736     1  (1.1%)
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  The Company was established in 1999 and is engaged in the current sole licensed operator of fixed phone and Internet services in the Sultanate of Oman. The subsidiary Oman Mobile is licensed to provide mobile telecom services in the Sultanate. Omantel owns 99% of Oman Mobile share capital. Omantel Group has local and overseas telecom-related investments. The telecom giant owns 25.96% of Oman Fiber Optic Company (OFOC), a public joint stock firm registered in the Sultanate. . Omantel also owns 45% of the InfoLine Company LLC, an IT service provider. The telecom heavyweight has investments in Arabsat (Arab Satellite Communication Organization) and Al-Thuriya, the satellite-based mobile phone service provider with market value of RO 1.44 million as of December 2004. Omantel market value stands at around RO 2.64 billion as of December 2004.
Company Information
Exchange MSM
Sector Services
Currency OR
Market Regular
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Local Ticker OTL
Stock Information
Open 0.736
Best Bid 0.700
Last Trade 0.748
High 0.740
Low 0.728
Previous Close 0.728
Closing Price 0.736
Turnover 43,627.09
Close 0.728
Share Volume 59146
Financial Snapshot
Curr. Year Prev. Year
Capital (Rial in '000) 75,000 75,000
Mkt. Capitalisation 998,250.00
EPS(Actual) 0.14 0.14
Book Value 0.536 0.498
Revenues (Rial in '000)
Net Profit (Rial in '000) 107,430 107,430
RONW 0.267
Dividend Yield (%) 0
PBV 2.49
PE 6.94
Latest Declared
Cash 1
Stock 0
Current Price Historic Price
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