17 years since inception, United Securities has assisted many enterprises to evolve from Private to Public status through primary share issues and in further forays into the capital markets through rights offerings.

As with all services provided by United Securities the cornerstone of its success in Corporate Finance activities is the personalized service which its team of skilled professionals is able to offer client companies. To this essential ingredient for success, United Securities has added speed of response, a solid marketing base evolved from its wide network of agents and its access to a database representing the serious investment community of the Sultanate, plus most importantly the well-earned rapport with regulatory authorities, stock brokers, foreign investors, mutual funds and financial institutions alike.

United Securities has handled over 20 right issues, managed various corporate deals, as well as being involved in many liquidation proceeds and merger and acquisition deals.

Services Offered

·  Initial Public Offering

·  Rights Issue

·  Private Placement

·  Mergers and Acquisitions

·  Spin offs

·  Divestitures

·  Leveraged Buyouts

·  Joint Ventures

·  Financial Advisory

·  Company Evaluation