How to open an Account with United Securities
  • To open an account with United Securities LLC, an investor is required to fill in a detailed Account Opening Form, that is aimed at collecting the investor’s personal particulars. Along with filling in the requisite form, individuals shall be required to furnish copies of their ID Card/Passport, while in the case of companies, a copy of the Company Registration is to be furnished.
  • For the purpose of executing your transactions through United Securities, you shall be required to communicate your orders through Buy/Sell Order forms, duly signed by the authorised signatory. Alternately, you could authorise the brokers through verbal orders which are to be followed by the written order. The orders could be made through our Buy/Sell Order forms, or through a letter from the authorised signatory.
  • You will then be required to remit the transaction amount, either partially or in full, to United Securities LLC, to be held till settlement. Alternately, you may maintain a deposit with United Securities LLC, who shall then utilize this amount in lieu of your transactions.
  • Following the transaction, an Invoice shall be processed showing the date of the transaction, name of scrip that has been sold/purchased, number of shares, price at which the deal has been executed, the brokerage fees for the transaction, and the total amount due.
  • United Securities LLC shall keep a detailed record of all your transactions, and will be able to provide you with statements showing the up to date position of your investments, in the form of Portfolio Position Statement and Statement of Realised Profit/Loss Statement on Investments.