Asset Management

The Asset Management Division aims to meet your needs by understanding your priorities and placing them at the heart of your personal investment strategy. Our intention is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust. Armed with their long-term experience in the financial advisory business, our Portfolio Managers are able to translate the client’s priorities into practical financial goals. They can then develop individual investment strategies to help them realize these goals.

Since inception in 2003, the Asset Management Division has grown from managing a select few High Networth Individuals to managing a diversified client segment ranging from Pension Funds, Government and Private Institutions to High Networth Individuals.

As of January 2011, we currently manage in excess of US $ 200 million in Discretionary and Non Discretionary Portfolio Management Services, tailor made in accordance to the profile of the client concerned, with options of being Oman centric or a combination of Oman, GCC and MENA regions.

Investment Philosophy

Keeping in mind that capital markets are volatile which arise from deviations primarily driven by heuristics, we ensure that a systematic approach is adopted that not only ties valuations with sentiment but also uses a systematic research process that identifies possible opportunities that arise from the behavioral biases.

An investment approach that links identifying undervalued businesses and market leaders is applied. An optimal way to exploit the market inefficiencies driven by strong research support has aided us in benefitting and creating value for our clients.

Regular review is essential to the success of any carefully-planned investment strategy. Two key parameters can affect strategy – changes in market performance and the client’s situational circumstances. By constantly monitoring the markets and staying in touch with our clients, we ensure that your portfolio is tuned and stocks positioned to deliver in tandem to your long-term priorities.

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Online Trading

The trading desk provides clients access to regional and international markets from one central account providing ease and simplicity in executing trades.

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